Alicia was born in Syracuse, NY and leads the Digital Services Group at Boston's Metropolitan Area Planning Council.

Alicia Rouault was born and raised in Syracuse, NY

Alicia now lives and works in Boston, Massachusetts where she leads the Digital Services Group at MAPC. Alicia's background is in urban planning and technology. She has 9 years of experience in the field of government innovation, product management, UX and digital strategy, and is dedicated to

  1. Improving quality of life for residents in cities and towns across the United States
  2. Using data and technology to improve decision-making in the public sector

Alicia speaks publicly on topics including:

  • Open Data
  • Government Innovation
  • Urban Planning Technology

extra curricular interests :

Alicia is a bona fide Melissa Clark devotee and an accomplished home cook
Alicia is an avid fan of Italo Disco, Minimal Wave, Chicago House and Southern Hip-Hop